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AIMS technology now available on Selected Gas Agas.

aims The hugely innovative Aga intelligent management system (AIMS) system - which allows users to adjust the temperature of their AGA to suit their lifestyle is now available as an option on gas- fuelled models (conventional and power flue only, non-boiler models).

The AIMS program is ultimately flexible - it is supplied pre-set, with two active periods each day. In this mode, your AGA will be at full temperature ready to cook breakfast in the morning, drop down to a lower temperature during the day and then return to full temperature ready to prepare dinner in the evening.

The setting allows for full day/month/year selection to allow for longer holidays and any program setting can easily be overridden by the simple pressing of a button on the AGA itself.

I've always wanted an AGA but I don't want to spend lots of time refuelling it.

AGA no longer make a solid fuel cooker, you have the choice of Gas, LPG, Oil and electricity.

If the AGA is on all the time, isn't it expensive to run?

The AGA's unique heat storage system means that only a small amount of energy is required to maintain the ovens and hotplate to the optimium temperature. Savings in other areas can also be made such as reduced usage of a tumble dryer, your kitchen will be kept nice and warm and a lot of the gadgets around the kitchen can be done away with such as the electric kettle, toaster, grilling machine and sandwich maker to name a few.

The new Aga Total Control is on when you need it and off when you don't.

Will the AGA do my central heating?

No, you can get an AGA that will give you some hot water, but an AGA will not do your central heating.

Is it difficult to cook with an AGA?

No, it is the easiest cooker you could ever use and we can help you on our regular demonstrations held throughout the year.

I've heard a lot about AGAs not being very green.

70% of the AGA is made from recycled cast iron, on top of this the AGA does away with a lot of the gadgets around the kitchen such as the electric kettle, toaster, grilling machine, toasted sandwich maker, pop corn maker, tumble drier and it will keep your kitchen nice and warm! The AGA will also last a very long time compared to a conventional cooker and when its time to be replaced it will be recycled.

I like the idea of having an AGA but not the idea of it being on all the time.

You can now buy certain AGAs that are fully programmable so if you're away for long periods of time or just want the AGA to be ready for the evening meal it can be programmed to fit into your way of life.

How do I clean my AGA?

The AGA has self cleaning ovens that carbonise any spillages, just the odd sweep out with a wire brush is required. The enamel can be kept up to by using a micro fibre cloth and enamel cleaner on a regular basis.

Do I need a cooker hood?

No-Use the ovens 80% of the time i.e. frying can be done in the roasting oven because the ovens are vented therefore all cooking odours are taken out of the kitchen through the flue pipe.

The ovens don't look very big, can I get a turkey in there?

Yes you can get a 28lb Turkey in the oven, although they look small the ovens are much deeper than a conventional cooker and if you use the AGA cookware you can get up to six pans in the ovens.

The AGA looks too big, will it go through the kitchen door?

Most Aga cookers are assembled on site by our own Aga trained engineers.